Benjamin Wood Hot Air Furnace

The Benjamin Heating Products Manufacturing facility incorporates CAD/CAM technology, delivering the most modern, efficient heating appliances possible for today's discerning consumer.

Clean Burning -- produces no smoke
or dangerous creosote


Features of Benjamin Combustion Wood Furnace

  1. Tubular aerodynamic design construction couples high efficiency with ease of cleaning.

  2. Certified to be installed either by itself (with optional blower) or in conjunction with an existing warm air furnace.

  3. Optional Blower can be installed on either side of the unit, providing increased flexibility.

  4. Three front-mounted cleanouts provide easy access for cleaning large tubular heat exchanger and firebox.

  5. Insulated casings for maximum heat retention

  6. Round firebox eliminates the need for firebrick.

  7. Firebox 22" diameter x 29-1/2" depth.




The Benjamin Wood Hot Air Furnace  fmi... 


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