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Heating Systems

Danny Ray explains the System 2000.

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Ray Plumbing & Heating can furnish your home or business with total climate control. We install and service Heating equipment of makes and models.

For the best in efficient, comfortable and cost effective heating, Ray Plumbing is proud to represent Energy Kinetics System 2000. In our years of experience, we have found this product to represent the level of quality that our customers expect.

System 2000 High Efficiency Home Heating System

SYSTEM 2000's fully integrated heating system combines heat and hot water production for unequaled energy efficiency and a virtually unlimited hot water supply.

SYSTEM 2000 is the first integrated heat and hot water system with an electronic manager - a "brain" that actually controls boiler operation, helping you control costs. System 2000 typically uses 30% less fuel, on average than new conventional boilers, 39% less fuel, on average than the boilers it replaces.

Nearly endless hot showers

System 2000 produces super efficient high output hot water System 2000 provides nearly endless hot showers; hot water is readily available through a high performance hot water storage tank. System 2000 replenishes hot water as needed, and anticipates when no additional hot water is required. At the end of a hot water call, the burner* automatically shuts down, the Hybrid Energy Recovery cycle recovers heat left in the boiler and delivers it to the hot water storage tank so no energy is left wasted in the boiler.

Best efficiency

Savings with System 2000 are much greater than with comparably rated heat and hot water systems. System 2000 had the highest annual efficiency in the study - even better than the 95% AFUE boiler tested. Also on this page you could run a high efficiency calculator to estimate your savings.

Silent Operation

System 2000's whisper quiet operation is extraordinary and continues to lead the industry as the quietest boiler available. Homeowners often compliment System 2000’s industry leading design by asking to hear the boiler run on the day of a new install�only to find out that it was already running! Now that’s quiet!

SYSTEM 2000 can cut fuel needs by as much as 700 gallons of oil per year.

SYSTEM 2000 has earned the Energy Star rating.

For much more information, please visit SYSTEM 2000 at www.energykinetics.com.

Other Services

  • Oil Tank Installation and replacements
  • Chimney Liners

Service Agreement:

Contract Base Price $310.00
Covers hot air system or boiler w/1 or 2 zones

Additions? Call for more details

Acceptance of contract is based on pre-inspection of heating system.